About Us

KIU began as a weekly curriculum based class at Free Life Church in Atlanta, GA in 2015. This transformational eye-opening experience was developed and instituted by award winning music artist, songwriter, producer and author of “The Kingdom Generation” Dr. Kaiser Edmond, Jr. After five years of faithfully educating and cultivating many student groups into a greater depth of Kingdom understanding, a virtual experience became imminent. Now with the birth of KIU, the wealth of Kingdom knowledge that brought transformation to a city is now available as a cutting-edge online learning platform to students around the world.
KIU is one of the most affordable faith-based institutions around. This university offers a plethora of biblically rich courses that offer no compromise. Our goal is for students to experience accelerated growth and a transformational shift in mindset to allow heaven’s original ideas to destroy earth’s confusion. When Paul says “Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” he implies that a mind condition by the world is resisting heavens influence because of thoughts. So therefore, our main objective is to bring each student into a heavenly reality through thought provoking techniques that cause heaven’s order to overlap and dismantle earth’s disorder.

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We believe there is one God, Creator of all things. We believe man is depraved and cannot save himself. We believe salvation is by the grace of God and occurs when man turns from sin and self to Christ and places faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as sufficient payment for sin.
We are a community of the restless, eager and willing and this is where we become who we’re meant to be — as we seek out and find God in all things, together. In every program, every step of the way, we activate our passion, and our faith, and prepare our minds and spirits for a life of impact.
Everything we do at KIU falls under the authority of the Bible, which declares timeless truth that is relevant today and throughout every generation. We believe that understanding and sharing God’s Word is a lifelong journey. And we’re committed to providing encouragement for you in your walk with Christ.
Together, we can impact and enrich the globe by actively living out God’s Word.