Instead of using a semester structure, KIU allows you to study at your own pace and pay as you go. You can take full advantage of every course or concentrate more on topics that interest you the most. The best thing about our self – paced course system is that you can purchase and “GIFT” it to your friends and loved ones.

Kingdom Impact University aims to provide an innovative and effective way of learning through our online courses. We’ve created a simple and effective learning system that allows the student to control the pace, level, and outcome of their Kingdom educational experience.

Everything we teach at KIU is governed by the Bible, which proclaims eternal truth that is applicable to all generations.

We want our students to learn that it is a lifetime journey to know and share God’s Word. Hence, in all our courses we are devoted to help you understand the Gospel of the Kingdom while following Christ in all parts of your life.

After finishing our KIU Online Courses, each student should acquire the skills needed to live under an open heaven and bear fruit in all facets of life.

We integrate the use of the most effective teaching and media tools, the most recent and conclusive academic research, and the most intelligent and persuasive thinkers in all our online courses.

Our online learning alternatives are adaptable to your lifestyle, and our technological advancements provide you the convenience to fit in more in-depth, relevant studies despite a hectic schedule.

Our Watch-Read-Write formula is a proven component that ensures fun and unique learning environment for all our students.


“To say these classes changed my life just doesn’t do it justice – KIU Student”

Kingdom 101

This in-depth KIU course combines critical analysis of both the Old and New Testaments to gain clarity in defining what the Kingdom is with serious consideration of how the kingdom manifests in the life of God’s people today.


The Most High God asserts dominion and sovereignty over all creation. However, He has given dominion over the earth to Man. Therefore, we as image bearers of Christ look to him for greater understanding of dominion and authority in the earth realm.

A New Reality

In this course, we will discuss the new reality of Life that is made available through Christ. The life of an earthly orphan must transition to that of a Kingdom Son as the language culture, and protocol all become new in Christ.

Kingdom Economics

Jesus taught his disciples to pray “thy Kingdom come in earth, as it is in Heaven”. Along with the language, culture, and protocol of the Kingdom also comes the economy of heaven. We’ll teach you to see and experience a completely different economic structure and policy than that of the world we live in. 

Learn Your Way

You may access Kingdom Impact University courses anytime, anywhere, and entirely at your own speed. Allowing you the freedom and time to study God’s word and receive ministry training how you see fit. This is the easiest it’s ever been to get an education.