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On April 23, 2022 Kaiser Edmond, Jr. received a Honorary Doctoral degree from the School of the Great Commission Theological Seminary. He now joins the ranks of Dr. Maya Angelou, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Frederick Douglass, and many other influential leaders that were honored in such a prestigious way for their commitment to excellence.

In April of 2021 Kaiser Edmond released his long-awaited book Kingdom Generation. This book received high praise from many of his peers and leaders around the nation. Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. of Jacksonville, FL says “This book is Powerful, Revolutionary, and Biblically Sound”. Be sure to grab your copy of Kingdom Generation from the KIU store today.

President and founder of Kingdom Impact University Dr. Kaiser “Messenja” Edmond Jr presents the second annual Kingdom Generation Conference on Saturday AUG 20th at 3pm. This level of Kingdom teaching is essential for believers looking to manifest as Sons of God in the earth.

Dr. Kaiser Edmond Jr aka Messenja and Canton Jones along with Ramona Jones bring the latest topics, the funny, and the inspiration in this daily live podcast show that is like no other.

Upcoming Events

Although KIU is an online platform, we currently have quarterly on-site events that are open to students and non-students. If you, your church or company would like to bring KIU to your city feel free to request a booking by clicking Contact Us on this page.